Weekly Round Up (June 30): Hospital Shooting, Fake News, NRA, Healthcare

Hello everyone, Jack Densmore here, this will be a new series of blog posts known as the Weekly Round Up, basically a summary of top news, and other things that have caught my eye on the internet. In this series, I’ll be discussing the news this week with my own opinions inserted. If you enjoyed this post feel free to follow my blog for more of this series, and more. A quick little update, I’m not sure how long this series will be in pure written format as I hope to turn this into a podcast in the future (it’s easier for people to listen rather than read nowadays). However, let me know if you prefer this to be written rather than a podcast. Now onto the news.


First up, most recently there was a shooting that claimed the life of one doctor, and wounded six others at the Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center on Friday. The gunman was a doctor by name of Henry Bello. According to The New York Times, Bello “was armed with an assault rifle and wearing a lab coat” and proceeded to go “on a rampage in the Bronx hospital where he had worked on Friday, killing a female doctor and wounding six others – five of them seriously – before setting himself on fire and shooting himself in the head”. Right out of the gate, this is tragic, a hospital is the least likely place you’d expect for this to happen. It is without a question that these shootings in the U.S. have continued to go up. According to The Daily Dot, there was a recorded 91 mass shootings in the Untied States on April 16, when the article was published. According to Everytown Research, there have been 848 deaths and 339 injuries caused by mass shootings since 2009. One in four of those deaths are children. According to the Washington Post, assault rifles were used in mass shootings in the past 10 years since June of 2016 when the article was published. In my own opinion, in order to stop these attacks there needs to be some kind of gun legislation. Now, before anything is said, I’m not saying full on gun control, because I do believe the founding fathers gave us the second amendment for a reason, but that being said, there has to be more control on automatic rifles. There is absolutely no need to have an automatic rifle unless you plan on going to war. There needs to be strict legislation on automatic rifles, but leave guns such as pistols and shotguns alone. Pistols that aren’t automatic or semi-automatic are fine, and so are shotguns, as it’s likely to be harder to publicly shoot many people with these types of guns. I won’t use statistics to back that up, that is just my own personal opinion.


It’s clear at this point that President Trump absolutely despises any media organization that doesn’t pander to him. Usually these media organizations are labeled “liberal media” and “fake news”, but things went the extra mile when the president personally attacked Mika Brzezinski on Twitter, after she mocked his “teensy hands” on the Morning Joe show on MSNBC. I won’t repeat what he said, because I simply find it vile and disgusting. As Fox News anchor Julie Banderas said on an article on The Hill, people used to call former President Barack Obama “a Muslim. People used to call him under-qualified, a sellout to America, a hater of Israel. I mean they called him every name in the book, but you didn’t see him lash out”. So, why in the name of heavens isn’t the current president held to the same standard? If Obama can survive eight years of bashing and “bullying”, why can’t President Trump? And ok, let’s say he was defending himself. You can do that without personally attacking someone. The president could’ve easily said, “I don’t approve of this behavior, it is unethical and it makes MSNBC and the media look bad”. Period. It’s funny that he tries to take down the “liberal media”, but in reality with stunts like this he’s giving them more support! Why not make MSNBC look like a bunch of losers by being the better man and turning liberals and democrats against the news network? Instead, you just threw the “liberal media” a freaking bone Mr. President. That is beyond stupid! You won’t take down the “liberal media” like this, you simply will not. CNN just got into the thick with their fake Russia story fiasco, but you literally just brought them back up by your constant bashing of the media! You want to know why Fox News always look crazy to everyone besides the majority of Republicans and conservatives? Because Obama never threw them a bone ON PURPOSE. Geez Louis.


The next hot news story I’ve seen floating around lately is the NRA ad that was recently released, people are saying it’s a “call for Civil War”, “calling for violence against liberals”, and “extreme right-wing propaganda”. I watched the ad and by god was I just shocked. If an ad makes you afraid just because people consider you to be a liberal is just stupid. The NRA’s ad was completely un-American and I’m glad that even their own members are standing up to it. Why do you need to “fight back with a CLINCHED FIST of truth”? What’s amazing is is the obvious context clues throughout the ad that signify they are simply not happy with liberals. Like, give me a break. It’s un-American, it’s stupid, and hopefully this hurts them, badly.


Remember the days when compromising was a thing? I don’t, because my whole life the government has been divided, and quite honestly, I’m sick of it. Instead of, again being the better men and women, Republicans refuse to work with Democrats on health care. Look, is it not clear that health care is a human right? That we deserve to, ya know, BE CARED FOR? So, why in god’s name would you throw 15 million people off of coverage next year according to the CBO? And 22 million in the future? ONE person off of coverage is too much, but let’s be real for a second. If Democrats and Republicans stopped acting like a bunch of school yard children and sat down and made an Obama-Trump Care hybrid, it will likely still throw a lot of people off of coverage, but can we not make it less than 15 million in the next year? Like Jesus, that’s a lot of people! Point: Dems and Repubs need to grow up and do what’s best for our country, unify.


The revised travel ban made it past the Supreme Court, and in my opinion, it still sucks, for two reasons. One, there are still countries that have never had a terrorist from those countries kill Americans on American soil on the list, and two, Saudi Arabia is still not on the list? Huh? Iraq? There’s still a few countries I’d put on the travel ban simply because well, ya know, they’ve had terrorists come to the U.S. and kill people in the past! Mr. President, if you added Saudi Arabia and other known terrorist countries, I bet you you’d get a lot more support than you have now.


A 21-year old man in North Carolina was planning on starting an ISIS branch in the U.S. and also carry out attacks in North Carolina and Virginia, the Daily Caller reports. The FBI arrested the man before he could carry out mass shooting style attacks. An undercover agent led to the arrest of the man, after he tried to hire the agent to kill his own parents to cover up his terror plot. So, with this knowledge and great work by the FBI I challenge President Trump to not only make sure terrorists don’t cross our borders, but to also keep a close eye on home grown terrorists such as this man. It is clear that home grown terrorism is just as much of a threat as terrorists from other countries. Luckily, the FBI was already investigating this guy, but there could be a whole lot more out there, and something needs to be done. I’m not sure what, but hopefully the FBI is keeping a very close eye on any suspected terrorists so attacks can be further prevented.


Very recently the infamous fake news organization “InfoWars” said that NASA, get this, had child sex slaves on Mars. Yeah, I’m not making this up. So, NASA had to make a comment to the public stating that they didn’t have child slaves on Mars. What I want to know is, why in the hell would anyone believe such rubbish? Aren’t most people who watch InfoWars skeptics of the moon landings? Not that I’m saying I believe anyone would believe this, but come on Alex Jones, at least have some common sense.


It’s the aliens! A bunch of UFO’s were caught on camera in Dallas, Texas that even caught the eye of famous scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson, but sorry folks, aliens aren’t here to save us from climate change. It was just a pyrotechnic show. Darn.


A female Kurdish sniper fighting ISIS in Syria had a close brush with death when an ISIS sniper nearly shot her head off, but hit the wall instead. Almost like in shock, the Kurdish woman shrunk down behind the wall and began to laugh and looked amazed, also asking why no one told her someone was there. Honestly though, I give her props, she’s got more balls than most to go out there and fight, but a memory like this will stick with her forever.


So, Justin Bieber in his infinite wisdom said that Drake was the best of our generation, and I gotta say you could not be more wrong Mr. Bieber. If anyone’s the best of our generation, it’s Kendrick Lamar followed by J. Cole, Vince Staples, Casey Veggies, Tyler, the Creator, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, and many more in no particular order. All honestly, Drake is great, I love him, but to me, Kendrick Lamar currently holds the crown over anyone else.


Better Call Saul was recently renewed for a fourth season by AMC and I couldn’t be happier. I absolutely love BCS, and honestly like it more than Breaking Bad, sorry. Jimmy is an amazing character and I love the story with Mike. It’s great to see how it all started. I’m just hoping it’s not drawn out too much, but I trust them to end it when it needs to end, so I’d say it’s either season four or season five that the show will end. Now, I just need The Walking Dead to come back.

That’s it for this week, let me know what you think, should I keep doing this blog style or go with podcast? Comment below.


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