What I Do Like About President Trump

A common opinion that many have of myself politically is that I’m a full on hardcore liberal. In reality, I go back and forth on many of the issues facing the country today, but lean left on the more social issues, and some economic issues. In technical terms, I’m a left-wing leaning moderate, which is a long category to describe oneself so people say “liberal”, but let’s pull back a second from the Russia scandal and some of President Trump’s policies that I despise with all of my heart. So, what do I like about the president? Well, a few things.

Firstly, President Trump’s plan to basically rebuild the infrastructure is a great plan to help the economy. In comparison, it’s a lot like one of the policies that Franklin D. Roosevelt had in place, a former president that I highly respect as he brought the country out of the great depression.  FDR ranks high among my favorite presidents of all time (just for the record George Washington is #1).

If the president made rebuilding the infrastructure the sole focus of his administration and not so much foreign policy, then that is something I could get behind. Rebuilding the infrastructure creates a lot of jobs, which in turn builds up the economy, just like it did to help us get out of the depression (although, many will argue that World War II got us out of the depression. Which it did, but FDR’s policies before the war kept us afloat long enough for that to happen).

Instead of the president starting off with a travel ban from countries that have never had history of causing deaths on American soil, Trump should’ve started right off the bat with a George Washington-like ideal, “stay out of foreign affairs, and let’s fix the infrastructure and other domestic issues”. If he started with this, he wouldn’t have had such backlash from the media, whom he claims is fake, and most of all the other side of the political spectrum.

Luckily, he did say this recently, which is he holds his word, hopefully means he does adopt the Washington style towards foreign policy and moves to more of a solely domestic policy administration. Should we completely abandon foreign policy? Well no, that’s impossible during this time, but the president should definitely not make it his sole focus as we are not officially in a time of war, nor are we legitimately at threat of one (unless you count North Korea).

Outside of rebuilding the infrastructure, Trump recently had an executive order that helped women get STEM careers which greatly surprised me in a good way.

Lastly, Trump also recently said that he would like to completely dominate in space exploration, while I don’t like the term “dominate”, which I’m paraphrasing, I do like the idea of continuing the space program as I truly believe that space exploration is the key to saving the human race and the key to human success. Not only could we find more resources for energy, etc., but the jobs that could bring from space colonization/construction is literally “out of this world”.

If Trump started off with these policies/ideals I really feel like he’d have more supporters outside of those that just voted for him instead of the travel ban. Hopefully, he continues this trend, and begins to move away from foreign policies and more so improving American life for all Americans, and also continuing into the final frontier. The only way we can grow is if we continue forward, and improve on ourselves and rather not creating more problems and targets on our back by creating bans.

Now it’s up to your Mr. President, will you make America great? The place where astronomers prosper, where women get the same opportunities, and the infrastructure is the best in the world? That’s for you to decide.


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