Why We As Society Are Actually Coming Together, Rather Than Growing Apart

With the recent inauguration of President Donald Trump, a lot of people like to claim the the United States has become a divided nation, purely run on political parties. While, this may be the case in some of the groups in our society on both sides of the coin, we as people in the United States, and worldwide have become even more connected, and united.

The Women’s Marches all across the globe are a clear indication of this. Women, and men, in each continent, even Antarctica, came together for one movement and one ideal, that women have natural born rights and natural born protections, whether it’s abortion or simple basic rights.

The Internet as a whole is also a clear indication of this unity between the world, articles and stories posted on the internet are usually met with either criticism or support by a large number of people who don’t even know each other, but have found a space for which they can communicate.

With confidence, I can say that we, as regular people, are not dividing because of politics, but rather our system is flawed in that it only shows us as a divided nation. The Electoral College was made in a time where the government feared the people. Now, the Electoral College should still remain as it is, but rather things such as the popular vote should have more importance, as it has no value.

As a whole, our global society is not by any means becoming divided, or more divided. Rather, we are seeing the rise of something we’ve never seen thanks to past events, recent events and the internet, global unity, in its very early stages.


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