How Losing The Great Barrier Reef Equals the Loss of the Pacific Region

The Great Barrier Reef has been one of, if not the famous coral reef in the entire world, and due to pollution and other environmental impacts, the reef is dying, and we may not be able to save it. Not only will animal species that depend on the reef suffer, causing the food chain in that region to basically collapse and change, but the economy of the Pacific Region could collapse as well.

The Pacific Region relies much on the tourism that the reef brings on, without the tourism of the region, hotels, resorts, and a lot of industries and companies suffer greatly, and possibly will go bankrupt in that region (depending on if their strictly in that area). That entire region could witness a terrible economic collapse due to just the loss of the reef.

Not only this, but pollution is heavy in the area, and much like parts of China are experiencing tourists will not visit an area that isn’t healthy, regardless if it’s water or air pollution.

With just pollution alone, the entire region could be gone, and it’s likely we’re too late to do anything. Yet another thing that is effected by our climate impact.


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