The Growing of Latin America’s Racial Identities

Ever since 1500 when people began migrating to the area known as Latin America, there have been tons of different races in a big melting pot. There are Mestizos, Amerindians, Asian and Afro-Americans, and many other ethnic groups across the span of the area.

The Europeans, mostly Spain and Portugal, began colonizing the region around the 1500’s. When reaching the region they used slavery to get resources from the area. Whether it was slaves from Africa or the regions own indigenous people, the use slavery combined all three of these ethnic groups.

1804 marked the beginning of Latin American independence when Haiti gained its independence from France. In 1889 Brazil gained its independence after a military coup. However, after all of this independence the melting pot was already set as many ethnic groups already met and came together. Due to Spain’s government system, children of certain ethnic groups were given more rights than other ethnic groups, mostly due to slave owners having relations with slaves.

With so many different European powers, slaves of different backgrounds, and indigenous people in the area, several different racial identities were created. Thus leading to Latin America being a very diverse region in the world.


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