How Soccer Explains the New Oligarchs

Oligarchs are defined as someone who’s very rich and has a lot of political influence. In this chapter, the oligarchs are described as people using their money and power to simply “buy” wins and championships. Whether that’s bribing the officials, or just simply paying for the other team to lose, which has happened before in sports like baseball.

What makes new oligarchs unique is the fact that the chapter describes that they simply don’t hide their power, or don’t know how to hide their power, and influence. What’s interesting is, is as the world continues to grow, age, and evolve, these “new oligarchs” are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Every day, you’ll hear about someone who’s rich or powerful trying to influence politics, economics, or just society overall. Even with the age of the Internet, and it’s power to show everyone’s true colors, these oligarchs still have influence, even if they are exposed. Whether it is through politics or economics, education or the work force, these oligarchs on both sides of the spectrum, seem to still hold power, even if everyone knows that’s their only goal above others. If the Internet’s power to expose can’t stop them, what will?


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