How Soccer Explains the Black Carpathians

Due to some Nigerian soccer players being bought by Ukraine soccer clubs, there was a divide among the teammates of the soccer club. One soccer player was looking at other teams to play in and his own soccer club sold his contract to another team, almost like an NFL player is traded, except these soccer players get no say.

Despite the roadblocks faced against the Nigerian soccer players, they were able to unify through their religion and their overall love of soccer, despite being forced to play for a team they didn’t want to and facing a divide in their own team.

It shows that those that face division can find unity through things that others believe in, whether it’s politics, religion, or for example, the love of soccer. These things can also unify those divided over those same things as well. Religion can unify politics, politics can unify religion, soccer can unify politics and the list goes on.


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