How Soccer Explains the Survival of Top Hats

Top Hats are the people that run many of the soccer organizations in the world, for example Brazil’s soccer clubs. They are also the source of a lot of corruption in soccer due to how they acquire funds, and their spending of funds from their national treasuries.

FIFA’s corruption issues not long ago is a current example of this problem in the game of soccer, and Brazil’s still declining economy is because of the top hats. The top hats survive because of their corrupt nature and how they use money to shove fans into an already overcrowded stadium, causing deaths, but still continuing the game.

This corruption has caused many Brazilian soccer players to leave their home country to play overseas, but the top hats don’t care how much the country loses money, only how much they gain. This is still a problem for Brazil, that some could even argue that the Brazilian government has been taken over by these types of people, and that the Olympic Games was just another cash grab for the corrupt.

That’s just my opinion, but corruption exists in Brazil, and the source of this corruption is the top hats.


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