How Soccer Explains a Sentimental Hooligan

This chapter of How Soccer Explains the World is interesting. It touches on so many factors of a single person and a single group of people. Hooligans or as some might call them thugs or gang members, are people that like to cause trouble at soccer games that usually involve violence.

In the chapter, it focuses on one hooligan throughout, Alan. Alan is the clear definition of a sentimental hooligan. The chapter dives into Alan’s life both with hooliganism and outside of it. It shows that people who are addicted to violence are still people, with opinions, views on the world, have a love life, and can even have children. Their violence doesn’t have to be pardoned by society, but it is still true to recognize them as people. They each have morals, and believe it or not, a line they don’t cross.

The chapter also explains the evolution of hooliganism, when it started as just a fun joke to when it got involved into more gang-like violence. Hooligans would start fights at the stadiums during soccer games, mostly involving rival teams. However, as things became even more modern than compared to the 80’s, hooliganism at the soccer games died out and turned to more street violence. It wasn’t “football hooliganism” anymore, as said in the chapter.

This chapter dove into the life of a person with an addiction to violence, as there are people like that still in the world, but are often overlooked.


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