How Soccer Explains Nationalism

The nationalism that is expressed in the first chapter of “How Soccer Explains the World” is shown through the countries’, more importantly Serbia’s, most popular sport, soccer.

Throughout the chapter, there is a strong sense of nationalism and pride from the citizens in the countries talked about. So much so that they turn violent.

The game of soccer is held so highly in these countries that it is where all of the organized crime is poured into, and where all of the nationalist ideologies manifest. There was so much nationalism that fights broke out between fans of different clubs that were playing each other.

Towards the end of the chapter however, the public, the everyday people, were shown growing tired of gangs and organized crime that plagued their country for so long.

This was started when the prime minister, who got injured playing soccer against the police officers, was assassinated.

What once was fear of warlords and gangs that claimed nationalism, turned into the public’s fight back against the ideology in favor of their own sense of nationalism, with a nation free of gangs and organized crime.

The meaning of nationalism shifted from one end of the spectrum to the next over the passage of time for Serbia, where the public wanted change from what they’ve been living for years, into a nation without that organized crime and corruption.


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